Leopard, as a fashionable trend, passed through years and even centuries, periodically appearing on the fashionable arena, but never went out of use completely.

Since ancient times, leopard print was considered a sign of wealth, prosperity, strength and power. Wearing clothes of a similar color was allowed only to the elect. The history of the leopard print begins in ancient Egypt. It should be noted that it is an animal print - it is a way of coloring fabric imitating the skin of an animal.

Hollywood divas have made clothes with leopard colors really popular. In 1925, actress Marien Nixon effectively appeared on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles wearing a leopard coat with a leopard on a leash.

After 22 years, the beginning French fashion designer Christian Dior at the show of his first collection presented several models of animal colors. The next day he woke up famous, and all the ladies of high society lined up for the creations of the discoverer of the new fashion era. Since then, the leopard has firmly entered the world of fashion and remains there until now.

For many years, leopard print remained a symbol of aristocracy and wealth. Famous sex symbols of past years did not miss the opportunity to demonstrate clothes and accessories in bold colors, as a result, the leopard print deservedly became known as provocative, seductive and sexy. Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and other famous beauties regularly appeared in clothes of leopard colors.

A few years ago, the leopard again seriously declared himself, and this season he is also one of the fashion trends! Some designers considered it an ideal addition to the autumn-winter wardrobe and were released on the catwalk of models dressed from head to foot in this animal print, others limited themselves to the use of accessories.

Fur coats with leopard patterns are perfectly combined with leather items. Stylists often combine a fur product with leather accessories such as a belt, clutch or envelope, boots, or boots. You will find all variety of animalistic beauty, leopardomania in our fur salon Diamond Furs. Fashion knows no boundaries, and the island of Crete opens its borders to all the beautiful fashionistas.

Leopard print is a legend of the fashion world, a trend that, having once arisen, has never left the podium. Over the years of its existence, it has been transformed, modified and received new readings, but it never disappeared altogether. And hardly ever disappear. Therefore, you only have to recognize the full strength of his influence and learn how to properly wear things with a leopard print.