Under this brand, only the black velvet North American mink American Legend is for sale. The dark, short-napped mink Blackglama is a favorite material of designers, has a rich black color with a brown tinge and a "velvety" surface.

This type of mink has low coarse hair, as well as a high dense overcoat, which is very similar to the tweezed mink. Only American Legend has the right to sell mink Blackglama. Black-gloved mink fur cannot be faked. The pile of this fur is very short, similar to velvet, and the skins are white, light and very flexible.

Each batch of Blackglama mink in the company American Legend must be certified. And once this procedure is successfully passed, the lot gets an individual number and a personal certificate, due to which everyone has opportunity to verify the authenticity of mink on the company’s website.

Authenticity of the label Blackglama.

 Each Blackglama skin is manually selected and tested by experienced American Legend Cooperative graders. To qualify  mink as Blackglama, the skin should not have any defects or imperfections - both on the fur and skin.

Each product with the Blackglama label has its own unique serial number, which makes possible to identify this product, and also to protect against forgery.

Safety with ultraviolet light.

Fur Auction American Legend Cooperative from Seattle, introduced additional security measures for the label Blackglama, which appear on the label only under the ultraviolet (Official distributors can demonstrate this function to users with ultraviolet light).

Serial number.

The Blackglama label displays a unique serial number that is manually stamped to identify each product.