The luxury of natural fur has been a favorite decoration of a woman for several decades.

Yes, and whatever one may say, fur was and will be one of the main indicators of status and good taste. And, despite the tendencies in society, calling for the abandonment of natural furs, neither we, ordinary women, nor world and domestic stars have been able to deny themselves this pleasure.
From century to century the beautiful fur attracts gaze and attracts like a magnet. Perhaps, there is no such woman who does not like a fur coat. A good fur was always compared to jewelry. It’s like a luxurious diamond, causing a unique shine in the eyes of the beautiful half of humanity.
For celebrities, fur is not a luxury, but a means of self-expression. And if some people, following the trend, prefer artificial fur coats, others continue to buy furs from sable fur, vicuña, ermine, chinchilla or lynx.  Jay Lo, for example, is the owner of an impressive collection of sable and arctic fox furs, Chris Jenner invests millions of dollars in the purchase of chinchillas, Kim Kardashian is experimenting with the most unusual types of fur, and Dita Von Teese is reviving the fashion for aristocratic astrakhan.
And what about Russian celebrities? KseniaSobchak, Tina Kandelaki, Victoria Bonya, LeraKudryavtseva and many other stars of Russian showbiz who love to wear fur coats. Natural fur is an integral part of their wardrobe, and not only because of weather conditions. Although wrapped in fur, it is much more pleasant to experience the cold.
If you are still thinking, what kind of fur coat to choose, we advise you to listen to the opinion of many fashion designers. There are great news for those who like to stand out and be bright -the trend of the season is colorful coats: crimson, green, purple. And to make yourself really happy, you should take the example from the stars and buy what you really like.