How much things have been printed, told, sung about this amazing island. Many people come to Crete for the amazing sea, ideal climate and cuisine, historical and ancient monuments.

We all studied the History of the Ancient World at school. Many people in childhood read the book '' Legends and Myths of Ancient Greece '', written by A. Kuhn. Crete is that treasury of legends, from the ancient to the Christian.

Anyone can choose the kind of holidays that meets his tastes, habits and desires. Crete has everything: cozy family-owned hotels-boutiques, democratic apartments as well as luxury hotels.

Of course, it’s impossible  to discover the largest island of Greece  in 2-3 weeks of  your holidays . But in these few days you can enjoy delicious Cretan cuisine, in small traditional  taverns,  take coffee in one of the many cafes close to the  sky-blue sea,  and of course, visit the biggest fur shop in Crete - Diamond Furs. In our shop you can choose a fur coat or leather jacket that   will suit you and make you look gorgeous.

Mink, chinchilla, sable, beaver, astrakhan, fox - all kind of furs,  high quality garments of best Greek and Italian manufactures.  Our company was established in 1988.

The head office and factory are situated in Kastoria, north of the Greece, - the motherhood of Greek fur. After all, it was the Greek furriers from the city of Kastoria who were wresting genuine masterpieces of fur art that retained their skills to the present days.

Diamond Furs is always a guarantee of high quality and best prices.

Our masters use the most modern technologies using old sewing traditions, thanks to which each model is unique. We are waiting for you in our fur shop Diamond Furs!