3. Furting A method based on the construction of fur with squares or strips of leather. The garment, embroidered with leather, weighs much less than a similar fur and features an original ornament on the front side.

When working with long-haired fur, the method of furting significantly facilitates the construction, creates the effect of weightless and soaring fur.

4. Intarsia.

Intarsia is a kind of incrustation, rooted in the Italian workshop of the 15th century, where different colors and wooden fragments were selected in such a way that they could organically combine with each other as a fragment of a mosaic. In the design of a fur garment, this is a complex technique that requires careful selection of almost identical by quality and length of hair skins, and also an experienced hand of designer  is needed to cut out the miniature strips  to arrange all this into a beautifully ordered dressing. The result is a product rich in shapes and patterns. It seems that the design is completely natural and does not require any effort.

5. Fur knitwear.

Technology is especially popular in the last decade - knitting or weaving with a fur thread on an elastic basis. The secret is simple: the skin is cut into thin strips, each of them  is twisted into a thin fluffy ribbon, and the result exceeds all expectations - the product is easier to feather, practical for packing and transportation, and never losing its fashion form.

The use of basic technologies on different types of fur and in different combinations makes it possible to create the most original fur models. And by using of modern technologies, such as combining furs of different colors and textures, tweaks, laser haircuts and stencil dyeing – the creative experiments with fur are completely limitless. And all this great variety of fur garments  you can find in our fur shop on Crete. 

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