Fashionable shades of the season. Have you ever thought about who, where, when, how and, most importantly, who are declared the fashionable colors of the season? If not, this article is for you, dear friends!

There is the Pantone color Institute, located in Karlstadt, New Jersey. And it is this institution that sets what shades will be in fashion this season. The work is carried out huge, processed a myriad of information related to the preferences of the masses as a whole, and the choice of world-famous designers in particular. 

Of course, design innovations in any case will not cross out all the developments of the past years, but rather emphasize what shade of blue (for example) will be at the peak of the autumn-winter 2019. A simple man in the street knows that the trend is green, wine or yellow. However, only connoisseurs and fashion experts determine what kind of shade of yellow will be in fashion-spicy, bold, light yellow with a slightly perceptible green undertone! Red-with barely noticeable browniness, and blue (our favorite blue!)- like the descending twilight, calm and amazing misty blue. Feel the difference? Here, this is exactly what distinguishes a fashion lover from a connoisseur!

To be continued.