1. Red pear.Pantone included in the fashion palette this color is not without reason. It reminds us of the gardens where these fragrant, juicy fruits ripen, falling to the ground from their own weight. Color self-contained, perfect for monoloco.

. Valiant Mac. A great alternative to scarlet! However, it is more calm, there is no aggression bright red.

3. Red orange. Cute, calm color, inspired by the Babi summer, leaf fall, respite before the harsh winter.

4. Petal of Crocus. Lovely shade of purple, more of spring than of winter.

5. Misty blue is a calm, cozy color, creating a sense of harmony and tranquility.

6. Ceylon yellow. Exotic, dynamic, cheerful color, it is recommended to raise mood in winter days.

7. Martini olive. Perfect for the autumn and winter season. This refined, smooth brown-green shade naturally looks and will harmoniously fit into any autumn image.

8. Green Quezal. It is a dark and deep shade, which is so harmoniously mixed blue and green, which is associated with the rich plumage of this tropical bird.

The main shade of autumn-winter 2018-2019 Institute selected ultraviolet. This color symbolizes the infinity of the universe, encourages us to spiritual reflection and imagination. And ultraviolet allows us to see things that are invisible in ordinary light .  And most importantly, psychologists say that this color has a positive effect on our consciousness, helping to transform negative thoughts into positive ones.

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