Amazing country with a rich history, gave the world democracy, philosophy, medicine, geometry and much, much more. Greece. You know Greece has everything, right?!!

And sea, what in this country sea! Blue, blue, turquoise, azure. You can sing praises to infinity! A person who has visited this country once, falls in love with it completely and irrevocably, comes back here again and again. 

And returning to the blessed Hellas, tourists wonder: what Souvenirs to bring to family, friends and relatives? Oh, Greece is so vast and multifaceted, where every region is famous for something special.

But today we will talk about gifts from the island of Crete. Megalonisos (μεγαλονησος), Crete is the largest island in Greece. It is like another country with its own special pace of development and culture. And tourists coming here, feel this special polyphony.

Each district in Crete, so that there is district and every village can boast of something special. Olives, olive oil, ceramics, honey, natural cosmetics, mountain seasonings, mountain tea, beautiful, delicious cheeses, wine, Cretan knives, crayfish - the list goes on for a long time... And what sweets are made from carob fruit (carob)! But more on that another time, friends)

And fur coats, how can we forget about fur coats! After all, it is the same traditional product as butter, honey, crayfish, olives and much, much more. I think that's enough for today. If you have any questions-write, call, in a word, be generous and share information.