If you have spent the summer in Crete at least once, you would surely identify it in your mind with the turquoise of Balos Bay and the pink sand of Elafonissi,

with the fish taverns next to the most beautiful sea, endless beaches and the smell of sunscreen, with the ancient Minos civilization or the gorge of Samaria, with its marvelous, harsh beauty, which is breathtaking. 

But this is only a small part of this mysterious island. Crete is an island that is exciting and intoxicating even in winter. And if you allow yourself to "tune" in his way, then this time, you will learn it from the other side. This is a measured flow of time in the mountain villages, immersed in the greenery of evergreen olives, virgin nature, archaeological sites and museums without rabid crowds of tourists...

It is during this period that the harvest of olives begins, and the whole island is excited and literally buzzing from work. And who can forget Ρακοκαζανο - the feast of the production of grape vodka - raki?  And if you are a connoisseur of the divine drink Bacchus, you will be pleasantly surprised by the thousand-year history and art of the production of this drink of the gods. However, we will tell you about it in the next article. Since the wineries of Crete deserve more attention.

In conclusion, a few words about the climate: one can hardly imagine a place in Europe, with such a mild and friendly climate for humans, as in Crete.