What does the average modern man know about good wine? About the history of winemaking, the variety of grape varieties, famous wineries?

The answer will be one: French wines - Bordeaux or Burgundy. 

However, the history of European wine begins much further South, in the Prefecture of Heraklion, on the Greek island of Crete, about 4,000 years ago. Where beautiful Minoans grew grapes and sold divine drink throughout the Mediterranean. Where the oldest wine press in the world was found and ancient amphorae with the remains of wine, huge underground storage, the corresponding frescoes and images - artifacts in the Palace of Knossos are undeniable and speak for themselves.

"Land in the middle of the sea, the color of wine." This is how the great Homer described the island of Crete. Which we certainly agree with. However, we will not delve into history. Cretan wines do not need words, they need to try and enjoy the indescribable aroma and rich taste of this drink of the gods.

By the way, according to the Financial Times, red wine Μιραμπελο 2010 ranked second out of the hundred best red wines in the world! This wine is made from two grape varieties, Κοτσιφαλι and Μανδηλαρη, growing exclusively in Crete. We will not list wineries (Google will help you!), but about your favorite wine is to say a few words. This is a great, with a complex, deep and characteristic aroma of red wine Mediterra-Πύροραγο 2011. Passion-that's the word that characterizes this wine 100%!

New Year and Christmas are just around the corner - the most wonderful holidays of the year, and the wine will be most welcome to the festive table. And fur coats, is it possible to forget about fur coats in Crete? Having bought a beautiful fluffy beauty in our store,  Diamond Furs in Gouves - "wash" the purchase of delicious and fragrant Cretan wine. Prepare your glasses, ladies and gentlemen!  Cheers!