The Karakul sheep was the first animal that man began to breed because of its beautiful fur.

Good adaptability to semi-desert conditions contributed to the great popularity of this breed among the peoples of Central Asia.

Karakul oasis is one of the oldest places of Zarafshan valley, inhabited by man in ancient times, located on the territory of modern Uzbekistan. It is assumed that these places are the "historical homeland" of the Karakul sheep.

Meanwhile, how did the Doodle sheep get to South Africa, Namibia? Here the opinions of experts differ. According to one claim - it was an Austrian breeder who sent 6 sheeps to Namibia. According to other sources - Bukhara ruler gave 6 sheeps to one English Lord, and he sent them to Africa. But be that as it may, Karakul sheep still got to Namibia. The natural conditions of this country were ideal for Karakul. Therefore, today there are 3 types of Karakul in the world: Uzbek, Afghan and South African (Swakara).

We will tell you about the features of Karakul, about karakulcha Swakara, about selection works carried out in the field of Karakul, in the next article.