The feast of the radiant resurrection of Christ, Easter, is the main event of the year for Orthodox Christians and the largest Orthodox holiday.

This holiday we all love since childhood. It is always lit by the sun, it is warm, like a fresh cake, and bright, like Krashenki in a basket. No wonder he is called the Bright Resurrection: on this day, people's faces shine with joy and love for their neighbors. I want to be better, cleaner, kinder, I want to embrace the whole world ...

The whole team of the shopping center Diamond Furs heartily congratulates everyone on the occasion of Easter!

We wish you good health, happiness, joy, love and peace! Let the light of the Resurrection give hope, brotherhood, optimism and strength, brighten our life brighter and lead to love and solidarity. Let your thoughts become bright and sincere, your heart will be filled with the desire to do good, the desire to love and be loved!

Christ is risen!