The current season is incredibly rich and diverse trends. One of them is very special, and that is suede.

She, on the one hand, resembles velvet or velor, and natural leather, on the other. So what is it - suede? And this is nothing more than a treated skin. At its core, it is still the same skin, only much softer, thinner and more plastic than normal.

What is this beautiful material made of and how? There is no point in telling the production technology, but it is simply necessary to make a small digression. So: first of all, high-quality skin of wild goats, deer, antelope or sheep is selected. Then from it, cutting off, remove the top layer. Subsequently, this skin is prepared for fat tanning or "suede". Through chemical reactions, the prepared skin is combined with special animal or vegetable fats. This process is very long, time consuming and costly, the result of which is such an excellent, natural, surprisingly soft, elastic and durable material - suede. By the way, according to some characteristics, it even surpasses the skin. Mainly due to her ability to breathe.

We, most often, think by stereotypes that suede is very complex material in both wearing and care. In fact, suede is very unpretentious. Nowadays, some types of suede can even be erased in the washing machine. And as a means of care and treatment of suede things - an unimaginable amount!

Summarizing the above - if you wear suede, it already says that you are aware of the latest fashion trends. And if you are one of those who consider suede impractical, just try to get a suede thing in your wardrobe and later there will be no way to get rid of it. She will accompany you all her life. Sometimes this, by the way, is not bad. After all, suede almost never goes out of fashion.

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