Your favorite fur coat may be too big to be worn in hot summer weather, but that's no reason to completely discount the fur from your summer wardrobe before the winter season.

A new revolutionary trend - designers use fur so that it was in the center of their spring and summer collections, which means that consumers, and, without exception, could be fashionable all year round. Unexpected?!  But in fact, there are many ways to wear fur at any time of the year. Drawing inspiration from the world's current brands, as well as from the street style, we share with you some ideas in which fur is leading in the middle of a long hot summer.

Accessories are the best way to incorporate fur into your summer lifestyle. From handbags, to hats, to fur details on shoes - there are many innovative ways in which fur can create for us a wonderful summer mood. To some extent, it became obvious that fur accessories have surpassed the off-season fashion product, which can be stylized and modified for any appearance, for any situation , weather, season. They're fun, chic and trendy; pinpoint components to create a shiny, summer look. Here are a few ways you can wear fur and look hotter than the summer itself.


Shoes of absolutely different type, style and application - a great way to add fur to clothes in a sophisticated way. Fur shoes, which is one of the easiest ways to wear fur, also offers a variety of styles with which to wear them. It is versatile and can be used daily: fur ballerinas for a daily trip to the Park or for a walk around the city, or perfectly lovely stilettos, with fur trim for a more evening out.  All this allows you to add fur to your outfit effortlessly. And travel? How can we forget about them! What could be more wonderful, especially on the runway, playful, soft, fur moccasins for a bright and comfortable stay. Never mind the high temperature, because these options fluffy beauty will not let you sweat in hot weather. 


 Bags are an alternative to "wearing" fur without the risk of sweating under the summer sun, and fortunately there is a wide selection of stylish handbags for every taste. Whether it's a fluffy backpack, clutch bag or shoulder bag - there are many types with which you can play and choose a bag for any occasion.  Take a fur beauty on a trip for the summer holidays, and it is sure to add a touch of charm to your outfit. No matter what you're wearing, because you have already established yourself up with a fur purse.

Another great way to use fur is detailing. It can mean anything, any detail - be it a belt in a kimono, pockets on a dress, a cardigan with fur inserts or a fur baseball cap - fur here will be appropriate even in the summer heat.   And this, by the way, can be done easily and, of course, is a kind and wonderful statement that we are in trend. What could be better than to treat yourself to a Cape with fur during a fresh summer breeze or surprise everyone with a fur dress?  Fur may not be the most understandable and comfortable material to wear in the summer, but it gives you the freedom to experiment, allowing originality to take its course.

Fur was exactly the material, which was an innovative way - in shoes, hats, bags, etc., etc., and he definitely left his mark; he's here to stay anyway, as far as possible. So, make sure you personify elegance and good taste this summer and enjoy your favorite natural fur purchased at diamond Furs shopping center, Crete, Gouves.