Lining, what should it be in a fur garment, in a fur coat? Or maybe it is not necessary at all?

Are there a lot of unlined suit jackets on sale?

In my opinion, it even looks aesthetically not very beautiful. Okay, let's leave the beauty and aesthetics of the product aside for a while and look at the thing from a different angle, through the eyes of a fur expert. It is the lining that serves to hide all the seams and joints on the wrong side of the product, and it is the lining that gives the fur coat a completely finished look.

Therefore, the lining is a very important element of any fur garment. It should be lightweight, soft, durable and beautiful. One of the main qualities of a fur coat lining is its naturalness. A fur coat must “breathe”, which is why our factory uses only natural fabrics for lining fur coats, such as satin, viscose, the finest knitwear and silk. Natural fabrics create an optimal microclimate in the product and are durable to wear.

In the last decade, the trend of fashion trends has spread to the seamy side of the fur coat, namely to its lining. This is where, sometimes, our designers embody all their fantasies.

You will find a huge variety of fur coats with beautiful lining in our store. This is pop art, fabrics with modern ornaments and, of course, timeless and noble classics. This is both a playful animal print and a “printed edition” inside a fur coat.

In short, a lining for every taste. This is our task - to satisfy the demand of as many buyers as possible. And we are striving for this.

Come, come, fly to our Diamond Furs Shopping Center to admire, evaluate and buy the excellent products - Greek furs coats from our factory in Crete.