A waistcoat is one of the oldest fashionable elements of clothing. Our ancient ancestors- cave people , wore the vests from the skin. Has anything changed for thousands of years? Yes, production has changed, we can influence the texture and structure of fur, so far the technology has gone. Women all over the world continue to wear vests.

And if you pay attention  fur vests or vests lined with fur are present in national costumes of many peoples of the world. Modern fashion designers, inspired by the ancient mythology of Greece, allow the women to feel young Artemis, the ancient Greek goddess of hunting, who threw her trophy on her shoulders.

Every year, at the end of July, there is a fashion week in Paris. Typically, many fashion houses use fur in their collections. And the autumn-winter fashion week 2017 - 2018 was no exception. Our favorite fur vest is on the fashion rush this season. It looks even more relevant than ever. And our, Greek manufacturers sew not only coats of various styles. More and more often in new collections there are vests that break all sorts of stereotypes. Take, for example, a new collection of a remarkable fur designer from the capital of fur, Kastoria Vassou-Papadamou. This is a real explosion, a mix of materials, styles and textures. It's like a thoughtful experiment with bright colors and prints, turning into a swift, radiant and positive protest against the monochrome of megacities. Her new collection of fur vests is like a holiday, which is always with you. Colorful, feminine, they are, as ever, universal and modern.