Countries, they are similar to women in many features. Each one has its own unique character and temperament.

There are discreet prudes, and there are fatal beauties. Some of them have a soft nature, an inarticulate climate, and  people accustomed to this weather conditions. And there are countries and islands in the world doomed to admire them, irrepressible in their colors, stunning beauty of the landscape, hot temperament of the people who inhabit them. Our beloved island of Crete is from such places. Traveling on this island you do not get tired of admiring it! The landscapes of pristine beauty, mountains, hills, bays, lagoons, rocks rising from the blue sea, waterfalls lost among the mountains, capable of cheering up the freshness of the mountain water even in the heat. And the local beaches! Oh, this is a special pride, they occupy the third place in Europe.  And the world knows by hand about our masters of furs. Greek furs in Crete are also the pride of this country. 

Do you still think  to visit our Greek Eden? Our beautiful Greek summer continues!