Each of us in different periods of life needs a sense of individuality. Today, fortunately, it is incredibly easy to feel special.

What should be done for this?  The most important rule-to decide on outerwear, because it is in the cold, gray months allows you to create an unusually beautiful and extraordinary frame and helps us stand out from the crowd. It is in the sad and cold winter months can and should emphasize their individuality, not resorting to shocking.

Are you ready to break stereotypes, get away from the beaten path and try on something that does not fit into your everyday everyday image? If Yes, then take a step forward and check out the fur collection of the largest shopping center in Crete - Diamond Furs, where you will have the opportunity to buy trendy things from the latest collection, inspired by the street, for bold and confident girls. And trendy, runway coats, bomber jackets, parkas , coats at absolutely affordable prices. Nowadays it is very important to be flexible and balance between expensive classics and democratic street chic.

How to decide in this huge fur variety? What are trends in fur fashion? Trends in fur fashion are no different from the main fashion trends. Now it is especially important to mix textures and colors, provocative silhouettes, coats oversize, grunge and luxury in one bottle. But the classics do not give up their positions - 1960, style Jacqueline Kennedy and the beautiful Coco Chanel has not been canceled!

Want more? Oh, Yes, of course you will. However, keep the intrigue, to be continued....in the Diamond Furs.