Karacul is primarily a thick, tight and silky pile, forming the original curls, completely different in shape and size. They determine the pattern of the skin surface. Greek fur coats from broadtail is undoubtedly works of art.

Each fur of Karakul unique. Its patterns are unique, as well as fingerprints in humans. Therefore, in Karakul breeding is of great importance, aimed at stable production of a large number of the same type of skins, with the specified parameters. This is a very difficult job. Depending on the height of the curls Karakul can be divided into two types: high and flat. In a high Doodle curls are perpendicular to the Mestre and are combined into a kind of tubes lying on the side. The more tubes than they are longer, the more valuable the skin. In the same flat Karakul curl is. Its shape, most often curved, broken. The cheapest, so-called "curly" karacul. His curls are arranged chaotically. With age, the nature and quality of the lamb curls deteriorates, which affects directly on the price. If the rows of curls are added to the pattern is very valuable skin.

We have already said that today there are three types of Astrakhan: Uzbek, Afghan, South African. The Uzbek species is characterized by tight curls forming toothed rollers of different length over the entire area of the skin. It is also called jacket astrakhan . Afghan kind of karacul-skins large and heavy, flat type. This is the most common karakul, very popular in recent decades. Most of the products for mass sale are made of Afghan astrakhan. And the third type of karacul is Swakara. It is very soft, curls have not had time to rise and add up to a characteristic moire pattern.

Skins high quality any Karakul are highly valued. The most expensive type of delivery is considered. This is directly related to the excellent results of breeding work and the limited supply of goods supplied to the market. Modern breeding has made deep inroads in achieve amazing color palette Doodle. From chocolate to beige, from red to fawn. Fashionable today shades of gold, amber, platinum colors. The most common color of karacul is black. It acquires a special value pattern. The ideal color is gray. The main beauty of the gray Doodle is the game of color. Depending on the ratio of the number of black and white hairs, the possible colors of gray Karakul lie in the range from light gray - blue to black with gray hair. If the gray color has some brown hair on the skin gets a beautiful shade of purple. This color is called "guligaz", which translated from Uzbek means tamarisk flower. The most valuable Doodle is the so-called "sur". Its peculiarity is a natural change in color saturation along the length of the pile : at the root it is darker, lighter at the ends. From this fur shimmers and glows like. And the rare Karakul - Karakul white. The best results on the quality of white color were achieved in Namibia.

How to wear a coat of astrakhan? Products made of karacul have a high degree of wearability and are very practical. The exceptional quality of Doodle is that it is breathable fur. That is why astrakhan fur is one of the most popular furs for everyday wear. In the coat of Astrakhan can walk even in the pouring rain. The fur does not get wet, and does not lose its appeal. There is this fur quality is very important to many women - he does not look fat. In addition, the Doodle goes well with the bulk fur. The latest fashion shows have demonstrated Astrakhan fur in all its glory. It is not only glamorous coats, dresses, sports jackets, but also classic men's jackets and amazing fur design. This may be the fur coat you don't have yet, but you can always buy it in Crete, in our fur trade center Diamond Furs in Gouves.