There is a wide range of skin types and varieties, each with its own signature texture and character.

Our guide will take you through many nuances and types of leather, regardless of whether you are looking for an aviator jacket, leather jacket, leather jacket, or any other leather thing in a completely different style.

Skin type

Generally speaking, cow, bison, buckskin, goat, sheep or calfskin are the most commonly used material. Let's look at the unique nature of each of them, and then discuss these varieties of skin.


Cowhide is the most waterproof leather, the most accessible and most used. Strong, rough and durable, it used to be the material for the manufacture of classic motorcycle jackets from the 1920s. A jacket or raincoat made of this skin perfectly protects its wearer from various types of weathering. As soon as you wear it, in different atmospheric intersections - both in the cold and in the heat on a motorcycle, it will very quickly become your second skin.

Deer skin.

Deer skin is not inferior to cowhide in strength and durability. It is, on the contrary, softer and easier. Elastic and smooth, buckskin is used not only in women's and men's leather coats and jackets, but also in handbags and gloves. Extremely comfortable to wear, it doesn’t take the contours of your body and becomes softer every day.


When it comes to skin, sheep skin is soft and elastic on its own, and does not change this property over time. Light and extremely smooth, sheepskin is an excellent material for a different type of fashionable, designer leather items. Many of the best leather jackets, shoes and high-quality furniture are made from sheep leather.


Calfskin combines the strength and durability of cowhide with a soft, light sheepskin feel. As a rule, thicker and heavier than sheepskin, calfskin is both flexible and smooth at the same time, creating an excellent balance between functional and fashionable.

Suede and nubuck.

We told you about suede in the previous article, as for nubuck, it somehow reminds suede. However, the nubuck is much stronger and more durable, since the processing takes place in a certain way. And of course, she, like suede, does not wear in rainy weather. Nubuck and suede things have a completely different function.

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