Greek island of Crete looks so serene and carefree, fraught with many mysteries.

 Mention of the island and its buildings in the myths of Ancient Greece, puzzling the results of the study of literary and chronicle sources, excavations make it obvious that people do not know everything about its history. 

One of the most impressive architectural monuments in Crete is the Palace of Knossos. It is his image that adorns the tourist avenues about Crete, postcards and Souvenirs, so that any person interested in this island has repeatedly encountered photos of this unique archaeological and architectural attractions. 

The view, which has a Palace in our days, is largely due to the famous English architect sir Arthur John Evans, who devoted a lot of time, effort and money to the study and reconstruction of this building. 

Despite the fact that the feasibility of the reconstruction of the Palace is still controversial specialists, it is thanks to her that our contemporaries have the opportunity to imagine the scale and beauty of the Palace of Knossos, to get acquainted with the Minoan architecture. 

Scientists distinguish two periods of the Palace's existence. The first relates to 2000-1700 years BC, called it "roadworthy" then was erected a Palace, which was destroyed by an earthquake in 1700 BC then the ruins of the Minoans built a new Palace, this masterpiece of Minoan architecture "postmedieval" period can still be admired now. In General, at the peak of the heyday of its civilization, in 1700-1450 BC, Minoans have achieved remarkable skill in architecture, painting, engineering technology, which is a clear evidence of the Palace of Knossos. 

This is the largest of the palaces built by the Minoans: its area is 130x180 meters, it includes more than a thousand rooms and halls for various purposes. In essence, it was not just the residence of the king and the highest dignitary, and the administrative and economic center, around which lies the city of Knossos. 

Coming to the island of Crete, visit the pearl of world architecture – the Palace of Knossos. This creation of human hands will not leave anyone indifferent. 

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