Do you care about the environment? In today's world, in which air and waterways are heavily polluted, plastics waste pose a special problem.

The consumer is increasingly trying to find environmentally friendly products.

However, many products that seem popular or advertised as eco-friendly are not.

For example - artificial fur!

Artificial fur is produced in factories, using chemicals derived from spent phase fuel.

"Eco" fur is made of nylon and polyester, toxic fibers are responsible for the release of micro fibers into the ecosystem.

These smallest non-biodegradable plastic particles accumulate in the seas and oceans.

Even in miles under the surface of the water they penetrate our food chain.

Think of all this scum!

Now compare artificial fur with natural fur.

It is not a chemically treated material.

Real fur is a renewable natural resource, produced on fur farms or extracted from the wild.

Using furs produced in the wild helps maintain the right balance in the ecosystem.

Moreover, fur farms consume food waste from agriculture.

Real fur serves decades! And it is biodegradable.

Well-known scientists are unanimous that environmental sustainability is vital for the preservation of the environment.

All world leaders stressed the negative impact of plastic garbage on the seas and oceans.

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