Ah, that's the magic word – shopping! Today we will not sort through the different categories of buyers, or engage in statistics. We will just tell you about our buyers, diamond Furs buyers.

There are people for whom shopping is entertainment. They enjoy the process. For them, our staff creates the right atmosphere, invisibly present in the store. Such people can spend a whole day at Diamond Furs and we are glad to see such people, because, in the end, they enjoy shopping and from the purchase itself. And the purchase of fluffy happiness, it is their delight for many years.

There are people who come for a specific purpose, for example, to quickly buy a leather jacket. 

But some customers want a shopping experience privacy, luxury. And we have a VIP service when the seller accompanies you personally in choosing a fur coat.

There are people who grew up with us, who bring their children to us. That's great! After all, this is our history, which we create together with our customers. Touch the beautiful, let's create diamond Furs story together!