Warm sea, gentle sun, about 25 degrees of heat, the lack of fuss, typical for July and August – so will see Crete, those who will go to the largest Greek island in late September - early October.

For example: Knossos Palace – the oldest monument of European culture, the center of the Minoan civilization, which disappeared in the 15th century BC, is in the open air. And if the scorching summer heat often does not give the opportunity to visit Knossos, then in the autumn there is nothing to prevent it, even on the contrary, only contributes to the visit of this open-air Museum. 

And when the weather in the Northern latitudes begins to MOPE, so want to extend the summer! Then it's time!  It's time to go to rest on the island of Crete. To enjoy the sea, the gentle sun, and, of course, the hospitality of the locals and local places.

 Sometimes, for one or two days, it will rain on the island. This indicates the approach of winter. Just on these days, the weather just beckons us to the largest fur shopping center in Crete Diamond Furs.  Where you will certainly find a beautiful fur coat, for a worthy meeting with the winter cold!